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Modern Builder Vault

Premier Guitar, December 2012

“Striving to build from his experiences as a player, Keith wants to remain focused on making choices that matter at a functional level. He'd rather not play with exotic finishes, make crazy shapes, or be slavish about nailing down every cosmetic detail of, say, a '52 Tele. Instead, Keith's goal is to build instruments that sound, feel, and perform differently…”

Low-end Boutique

Fine Living Lancaster, July 2012

“For those players not moved by the "assembly line" practices of the massive American musical instrument companies such as Fender or Gibson, or more likely, looking for something "off the beaten path"….Literally off the path in Woodstock, New York, is Keith's home and workshop where he crafts amazing bass guitars for players looking for not only something of pinnacle quality, but something unique.”

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Martin Keith Elfin Basses

Bass Player Magazine, June 2010

“The Martin Keith basses are an excellent addition to the boutique bass marketplace. They have a player-focused design that's extensively customizable, and offer an opportunity to partner with a builder that thinks creatively about achieving musical goals.”

Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase 2011: A Recap

Fretboard Journal

November 2011

by Michael Eck

“ Even more interesting was a purely experimental acoustic that Keith said amounts to “thinking out loud.” …Keith is obsessed with instrument ergonomics and his basses have pioneered ways to lose weight without losing tone.

These new instruments -- while admittedly experimental in nature -- are an effort to further explore those concepts.”