Elfin Hollowbody Bass

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The Elfin Hollowbody bass is designed to bring true acoustic tone and feel to the electric player, in a compact, comfortable, and visually unique package.

The body is built entirely like an acoustic instrument, with steam-bent sides and 'floating', braced top and back. Traditional wooden binding and purfling details add the finishing touch. The bass side face binding includes an integrated arm bevel for added comfort.

The electronics package is simple yet powerful - a custom piezo crystal pickup in the bridge, mixed with a magnetic pickup at the neck position. These blend through an active onboard preamp, with Volume, Blend, and Tone controls.

The combination of acoustic construction and full-range electronics delivers a huge range of tones, from "EBO-style" warmth and fatness to crystal-clear acoustic-style tones, as well as a very convincing "upright-bass" tone.

The 14" body width and 3" depth contribute air and depth to the tone while remaining comfortable, rugged, and travel-friendly. Because the Elfin Hollowbody is much smaller than other acoustic bass guitars, it is more resistant to feedback on loud stages.

No 'modeling' or emulation can truly and accurately reproduce the nuances of a true acoustic instrument. The Elfin Hollowbody delivers this touch-sensitive response and organic tone with no compromises.