Curly Mahogany, Adirondack Spruce, Multicolored Ebony


MK-OM Gallery

This model is based on a 15.4" body shape, which makes it a bit like a large OM. Unlike my Auriole models, the MK-OM is driven by a pin bridge and x-bracing, which deliver a more 'traditional' flattop guitar tonal contour.

This guitar is voiced for balance across a wide range. It has a nice solid bass, but not to the detriment of upper register projection. The middle and upper fret positions are still vibrant and lively. Certain modern "fingerstyle" guitars are lush and thick in the low range, but can feel a little sluggish up top, or when played hard with a pick. I build this guitar to speak with equal power and balance across the whole range.

The MK-OM features the sliding adjustable neck joint that has become a hallmark feature of my instruments. The X-bracing is positioned further forward than on modern factory guitars, and is carefully voiced to yield a nuanced and complex response.