There are so many unique and wonderful guitars in the world - and just as many ways to break, damage or neglect them. I have always made repair a regular part of my work life, and have grown to love the satisfaction of bringing a truly challenged guitar back to life.

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Each repair is as different as the person who brings it in.

I do not publish prices for repair services, as they must be quoted on a case-by-case basis. I strive to keep my rates within reach for working musicians, while maintaining a quality of work that does justice to the instrument. Vintage guitars have already lived a life longer than my own, and will hopefully continue to make music long after I am gone.

Some of the common repairs that I offer:

  • Broken headstocks (a specialty!)

  • Neck Resets

  • Refrets, full or partial

  • Fret level and recrown

  • Loose brace regluing

  • Debugging wiring / electronic problems, hum etc.

  • Regluing or replacing acoustic bridges

  • Cosmetic repairs, finish touch-up

  • General setup/adjustment