Ordering Your Custom Instrument

Since I began building guitars in 2000, I’ve had the good fortune to go through the custom order process, start-to-finish, with over 500 clients. From initial contact to follow-through after delivery, I take particular care to make the process a smooth, pleasant, and satisfying one for both client and builder.

Communication is essential, and each custom order client can look forward to a one-on-one relationship, down to the very last detail. I am proud to say that many of my orders have developed into friendships which have endured long after the transaction was completed.

My instruments are available from a selected group of dealers worldwide.

I also accept direct orders for custom instruments.

The order process for my guitars typically works as follows:

-Inquiry: Following initial contact with the client, I will exchange emails and/or phone calls to identify the model, specifications and options that will best suit their specific needs, and quote a price for that instrument. This quote is firm and will be honored unless specs or options are changed during the building of the instrument.

-Deposit: I ask for a 50% deposit to begin construction, payable by cash (in person), check, or Paypal. I do not accept credit cards at this time.

In the event of cancellation by the buyer, this deposit may not be refundable. If the cancellation is in good faith, I will do my best to refund the deposit upon sale of the completed instrument. If parts, materials, or components have already been purchased which were specific to the client’s custom needs, the cost of those components may be subtracted from the refundable amount. Please understand that I will make my best efforts to refund the deposit, but any refunds made will be solely at my discretion.

I reserve the right to cancel an order at any point during the build process. In the event that I choose to cancel an order, I will return any deposits paid by the client. This refund will conclude the build agreement and any obligations associated with it. Any work in progress will remain property of Martin Keith Guitars and the refunded client shall have no claim on its future use.

-Build time: I will quote a build time for the instrument during the course of the inquiry process. Typically, build time is 3 to 4 months for electric instruments, and 6-8 months for acoustics. This time is an estimate, dependent on the workflow of my shop, and I do not guarantee delivery within the original quoted lead time. However, I always will keep clients informed about any delays or changes in the build schedule, and always welcome “check-ins” from clients about the progress of their order. Please understand that any changes in specifications will likely delay an order beyond original quoted lead time.

-Delivery: Balance of instrument cost (plus shipping charges) is due when the instrument is completed and ready to ship. I ship worldwide via FedEx or UPS. Clients who wish to visit me at my shop are always welcome to take delivery of their instrument in person.

-Follow-through: I am happiest to maintain the health and playability of my instruments following their initial sale. Whether you are the original owner or not, I always prefer to have the chance to adjust, maintain, or repair my instruments and restore them to proper fit and function. Word-of-mouth is my best advertisement, and happy, satisfied players with well-maintained instruments are my most valuable allies.